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According to Colorado law, for a will to be legally valid, the decedent or willmaker must:

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time the will is drafted and authorized
  • Be mentally competent at the time the will is drafted and authorized (meaning that he must know that he is making a will, understand that nature of his assets and know who is beneficiaries are)

Although it’s typically easy enough to prove age at the time a will is drafted by invoking the willmaker’s birth certificate, challenges to his mental competency can be far trickier to prove. Some of the specific arguments that can be made when contesting a will on the basis of mental competency include that the decedent:

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  • Lacked testamentary capacity when drafting the will: This could be due to, for example, a medical condition, such as dementia, traumatic brain injury or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Was under undue influence or duress when drafting the will: In such cases, the allegation will be that the decedent was somehow deprived of his free will or was forced into drafting the will in a specific manner that went against his wishes.

Additionally, a will may be contested in probate court if:

  • There are other versions of the will with later dates than the one being used.
  • The will was not signed by the appropriate parties.
  • There are allegations that a will was forged or some other type of fraud was associated with drafting the will.

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