Out of State Representation

Out-of-State Representation in Denver

While dealing with the matters of a loved one’s estate in the aftermath of his or her passing can be difficult and stressful enough, the situation can become far more complicated if you do not reside in the same state as the decedent. Additionally, if the affairs of the estate administration require extensive oversight due to a large estate, various claims against the estate, etc., you may find yourself having to regularly travel back to the decedent’s home state in order to resolve each of these issues as they arise.

At Donald Glenn Peterson Attorney at Law, our experienced Denver estate administration lawyer has extensive experience providing out-of-state representation for personal representatives of an estate, executors of wills, trustees of a trust and others who have been named fiduciaries by a decedent. By working with us, you can rest assured that:

  • You will not have to spend excessive time or money traveling back to Colorado to deal with legal matters affecting the estate.
  • All estate administration matters will be handled professionally and efficiently, according to the decedent’s wishes (as laid out in the will or other documents).
  • You will receive regular updates (via your preferred method of communication, whether that be by telephone, email or mail) regarding the status of the estate.
  • You will be contacted for input regarding decisions about the administration of the estate whenever necessary.

The Denver estate administration lawyer at Donald Glenn Peterson Attorney at Law has extensive experience representing and acting on behalf of our out-of-state clients.

Consulting with an Experienced Denver Estate Administration Lawyer

If you do not reside in the state of Colorado and need professional legal assistance with any type of estate administration matters, the Denver estate administration lawyer at Donald Glenn Peterson Attorney at Law is here to provide you with superior legal representation at every step of the process. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a small or large estate, our full-service law firm is skilled and effective at handling all issues associated with estate administration in order to minimize the chances of any disputes and other emotional and financial headaches down the line.

For more information regarding our services, as well as professional legal advice regarding the best manner in which to move forward with your estate administration affairs, contact the experienced and trusted Denver estate administration lawyer at Donald Glenn Peterson Attorney at Law by emailing us or calling (303) 758-0999

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